Penomet Extra Vs Premium: Product Offerings Comparison

Penomet Extra Vs PremiumWhen considering penis enhancement, you will gladly discover that many techniques and methods are available thus making the process a possibility for men seeking bigger penises. However, not all products make the penis bigger.

Penomet is arguably the best penis enlargement pump, thanks to its innovative hydro technology that has effectively helped many to achieve their goal of male enhancement. With the ground-breaking Penomet pump, you could get your desired bigger penis in a few weeks with consistent use. Prior to making a purchase, you should probably understand what is offered in the packages. Below we compare Penomet extra vs Premium.

The premium option is undoubtedly the top package with great offerings. To buy the Penomet Premium at a discounted price of $297, it is advisable that you order it from the official Penomet site. The package comes with all the gaiters, including force 80, which produces the most pressure that helps speed up up progress. Below we list the items included in Penomet

Premium Packages

1. Version 3 Penomet penis pump.

2. Sixty day Money Back Guarantee.

3. A complete set of gaiters.

4. Lifetime Support

Penomet Extra

The Extra Penomet package is a better choice than the Penomet Standard, which is the most basic. While you can buy it for $268 from the retailers, you save a whopping $71 considering it is sold for $197 on the Penomet website. The extra gaiters come in handy when you need to progress to the next level that involves performing more complex Penomet routines. Even though a Penomet pump is provided as standard equipment, only three gaiters are provided with the Extra Edition, which is a stark difference when compared to the Premium edition.

The Penomet Premium option is sold inclusive of all the gaiters. In addition, it is the most technologically advanced penis enhancement pump manufactured with the utmost care to guarantee the satisfaction of users from all parts of the world. The pump is produced using high-quality Polycarbonate, meaning it is virtually unbreakable. The gaiters are made using medical-grade silicon that is able to maintain optimal pressure during execution of the recommended routines. The exchangeable gaiters allow users to vary the level of pressure. With these gaiters, you can vary pressure settings by interchanging them, which is an added benefit of using the innovative Penomet pumps.

When comparing Penomet premium vs extra, you might want to consider the offerings in each of the packages vis-à-vis the pricing. A comparison between the two will reveal that the Penomet premium edition offers consumers more in terms of value. If you decide to purchase the Extra version today, you will eventually need to order the missing gaiters in order to perform the routines, which might incur you more cost than ordering the complete premium package. If you’re on a budget, the Extra or Standard editions are worth considering.

Hopefully, the write-up now makes it easier for you to pick a Penomet pump depending on your budget and immediate preferences.

Which Penomet To Buy?

Which Penomet To Buy

If you want to make the right decision regarding which Penomet to buy, it would be wise for you to familiarize yourself with the options available. After learning the individual features of the three packages, it will be easier for you to choose the one that best suits your specific requirements and budget.

The three packages include Penomet Premium, Penomet Extra, and Penomet Standard. All packages come with a solid 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, printed instructional booklet and 3-year warranty. Even so, I would personally recommend the Penomet Premium edition if you are looking for value for money. If you consider the items you get with this purchase, then you can rest assured knowing you buy the penis pump for a bargain.

Premium Package

The premium package is without a doubt the best package. The retail price is actually $457, but you only spend $297 if you buy it from the official website. The device is presented with the complete gaiter system, including the most powerful Force 80 gaiter that you will need as you progress. Below is a list of what you get for the Penomet premium edition.

1. A v.3.0 Penomet pump
2. A solid Money Back Guarantee (sixty days from the delivery date)
3. All the gaiters (Force 60, 65, 70, and 75 gaiters)
4. The Extreme Gaiter – Force 80
5. Lifetime Platinum Support

Penomet Extra

The Extra version is a better version compared to the most basic package – Standard. The package retails for $288, but you can buy it from the official Penomet website for $197. The additional three gaiters will prove helpful in the long run as you progress to more complex routines for maximum penis growth. Below are the items included in the package.

1. A Penomet pump
2. Gaiters provided include (Force 65, 70, and 75 gaiters)
3. Lifetime replacement of the gaiters supplied.
4. 3 Year Warranty
5. Support Level – Gold

Penomet Standard

The Standard package is the most basic. It is sold at a retail price of $169, but you can cop it from the official website for only $127. IF you opt for this package, you will end up spending more ordering for additional gaiters as opposed to settling for the Premium package which provides you a cheaper option. The items you can expect with this particular package are listed below.

1. Penomet v3.0 pump
2. Force 70 Gaiter
3. A solid 3 Year Warranty
4. Discrete Shipping

Which Penomet To Buy?

Since there are three packages to choose from, you are probably wondering which Penomet to buy. From above, you will notice that Penomet Standard and Extra owners will need to invest in more gaiters to complete the routines as suggested in the digital instruction manual. Based on the routines recommended, you will need to adjust to the lower pressure gaiters for more effective results, and this often means spending more money to acquire the gaiters.

To get value for money, it is advisable that you opt for the Penomet Premium edition that provides you more for less while the other packages will only cost more in the long run.

Penomet For Beginners: Routine Suggestions and Tips

Penomet For Beginners

If you want to make your penis bigger, then Penomet for beginners is something worth considering. The incredible power of Penomet is something thousands of users have attested to. Therefore, if you have held back on your purchase of a Penomet pump, you should know that you’re missing out on a lot.

Penomet is a leading brand in the male enhancement industry, thanks to its safe, efficient, and quick ability to provide results. Nevertheless, you must use the device correctly if you would like to see meaningful results. The revolutionary interchangeable gaiter system is what sets it apart from the competition.

With this innovative feature, users have the ability to control the amount of pressure by changing gaiters, thereby enabling greater efficiency. Below we shall find out some measures you can take if you’ve never used the device.

The gaiter system integrated into the Penomet pump design helps guarantee safety and efficiency. If you would like to get the most from your Penomet pump, you will gladly discover that there are various routines you could try out that are guaranteed to maximize your achievable results. Exercise caution when performing routines.

There is absolutely no reason to worry if you’ve never used a Penomet because the manufacturer recommends routines you could possibly incorporate for quicker and more efficient results. Consequently, you can expect the device to perform exceptionally when doing the workouts for purposes of penis enlargement and penile health.

In case you’re using Penomet for the very first time, it is advisable that you make reference to the user guide officially provided by the manufacturer when you make your purchase. When you refer to the guides, you will be able to determine the most suitable combination of routines that will certainly work wonders for you.

Remember, you should never compromise on consistency and intensity if at all your desire is quick and permanent results. If you suddenly notice that no gains are forthcoming or your progress is slowed down considerably, you should switch to high-intensity routines and progress to higher capacity gaiters.

Penomet Effective Gaiter Use

Yet another highly effective way of achieving desirable results is by combining lower capacity gaiters for the warm ups and then switching to the higher capacity gaiters for the main routines. Complete with low power gaiters and some stretch exercises.

Penomet For Beginners: What We Recommend

1. You can use one gaiter or a set of gaiters every week.
2. Perform the routines in a period of 15 minutes. Repeat five days in a week.
3. Begin with the gaiter producing the least amount of pressure when starting out with Penomet. You can progress gradually to the gaiters that produce higher pressure as you master the routines.
4. Carefully assess the intensity of the gaiters and increase gradually when necessary.

The potential to achieve maximum gains using Penomet depends on your dedication and commitment to the Penomet routines. If you maintain consistency, you will undoubtedly get permanent results.

What Is The Penomet Shipping Time?

Penomet Shipping TimeUnlike many other male enhancement devices sold in the local stores, your Penomet device will not be delayed and the shipped packaging will not be opened. Also, there is no kind of writing or suggestive imagery on the packaging, thereby guaranteeing you complete privacy. The question on many people’s mind is: what is Penomet shipping time? Once you have placed your order, you can expect your package to be delivered to you discreetly within three working days if you live in the UK or US. The international deliveries, on the other hand, take approximately 3-7 days.

If you’re looking for a way to make your penis bigger without using supplements or undergoing painful surgery, then you should probably try the innovative Penomet pumps. To find out more about this new and highly effective product widely used by men all over the world, then you can continue reading to discover the interesting details about it below.

Penomet delivers effectively, thanks to the innovative and efficient Aqua pressure that causes penis tissue expansion in a very healthy way. The unique polycarbonate body is incredibly hard and unbreakable. It additionally helps produce a high amount of pressure that acts on the penile tissue. Within a matter of weeks, you should be able to witness impressive results.

The cylinder is the main component as it holds the water needed for penis expansion when pressure is applied evenly along the phallus. However, it must be used together with a pressure gaiter, which helps create the pressure. There are five different types of gaiters that you can simply attach to the cylinder to achieve different levels of pressure. The gaiters are color coded with each producing a different amount of pressure that helps stimulate the growth of your penis.

In case you’re just starting out with Penomet, then there is absolutely no need for you to worry because the instructional guide will help you get the most from your device in a safe and effective way. To begin your pumping routine, you simply need to attach a gaiter of your preferred force to the cylinder and fill it up with water. If this is your first time, then it is advisable that you begin with the lowest force gaiter and insert your phallus into the cylinder, and begin pumping. You can only progress to a higher force gaiter if you’re sure penis is ready and capable of handling the pressure.

What is the Penomet shipping time? If you’ve made up your mind and are ready to place your order for your Penomet pump, then you can confidently do so knowing your device will be delivered to you on time. There are no hassles or delays whatsoever. In addition, the device is shipped and delivered in a discreet packaging, which effectively means your privacy is protected. In addition, you are given the opportunity to try out the device after purchasing it. Should you fail to realize the results promised, you can return it and claim your refund. Be sure that the manufacturer stands behind the product. Therefore, you can expect good results after using your Penomet pump consistently for several weeks.

In addition, you are given the opportunity to try out the device after purchasing it. Should you fail to realize the results promised, you can return it and claim your refund. Be sure that the manufacturer stands behind the product. Therefore, you can expect good results after using your Penomet pump consistently for several weeks.