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Penomet Extra is a midrange penile enlarger. It is preceded by Penomet Standard and succeeded by Penomet Premium. Penomet Extra comes in six colors: blue, violet, clear, green, orange and pink. Selling at $197, the pack comes with an enlargement pump with Force 70, two extra gaiters: Force 65 & 75, gold support and a 60 day money back guarantee. Like other packages, the shipping and billing of Penomet Extra is discreet.

If you have to know the simple difference between the three Penomet devices or packs, then the primary aspect is the force levels of the gaiters. While Penomet Standard comes with only one force level, Penomet Extra comes with three: 65, 70 and 75. Penomet Premium comes with five. Now, should you consider the Standard, Extra or Premium? It depends. If you are just starting out, consider the Standard as it saves you some money. But you may not find the force level in the Standard to be adequate. So opting for the Penomet Extra pack is ideal. You get three options to get started with. Don’t fret at the price of Penomet Extra. Even though it appears to be substantially expensive than Standard, you can always use coupon codes and bring the price down by as much as 30%. Also, Extra comes with two years warranty while Standard has only a year.

Penomet is a device that exerts a certain degree of pressure on the penis. This pressure facilitates the enlargement of the penis, not just its length but also its girth. As you might have noticed while masturbation or during any kind of massage on your penis, there are some substantial gains in the size. Penomet Extra works to have the same effect. Whenever a particular part of the human body is worked on, it tends to develop. It is the same for muscles, tissues and cells. Cellular regeneration and curing tissue inflammation can be facilitated with massages, which is why physiotherapy works so well for innumerable cases.

Like Penomet Standard, there are two types of effects of using Penomet Extra. You would witness a sudden and immediate increase in your penile size and girth. This will allow you to have better sex immediate after using the device. And there would be a little less but noticeable increase in your penile length and girth over long term. But the long term gains would only be noticeable after months of use.

Now, the question is if you should get started with Penomet Extra or would you opt for the entry level Standard. You may think of opting for Penomet Premium as well considering the three years warranty, the comfort straps, extreme workout gaiter and platinum support. Given the price and the options of gaiters, Penomet Extra is an ideal purchase. Whether you are just starting out on using penile extenders and enlargement devices or you are an advanced user, the Penomet Extra is the most suitable pack for you.

You can always upgrade whenever you need more gaiters.

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