Penomet Standard

Penomet Standard Review

Penomet Standard is the entry level penile enlargement device. It is one of the few bestselling products in the market today. The reason why there are only a few bestsellers is because not all penile enlargement devices are as effective as the claims. It is quite possible that you would wonder if Penomet Standard is one of those many devices that will leave you disappointed. Before we delve into the Penomet Standard review, it should be noted that it is a Certified Class 1 Medical Grade Device.

Let us first talk about the effects of using Penomet Standard. Do you really see any substantial penile enlargement? The simple answer to that is yes. But when you would see that will depend on many factors. Using Penomet Standard for just fifteen minutes can have a substantial impact on your penile size. But this will be short lived. The gains will certainly not be permanent. This immediate response of the penis is not the same for all and some people may not see much improvement the first few times of use. Usually, the very first use will make for a stronger and longer erection but then the penis may get accustomed with the pressure or the exercise. That is where the need of more force becomes necessary.

When you keep working on your penis with Penomet Standard, you will see some improvements that would stand the test of time. For instance, if you had noticed a two inch increase immediately after using Penomet and had great sex, you wouldn’t have the same increase sustaining over time but after many months of use, your penile size will increase by an inch or more. Likewise, there are some men who experience a much larger erection than just a two inch increase and their long term gains will be more. An important aspect of the gains to be noted is that you don’t just have an increase in penile length. Your girth or the thickness of your penis will also get improved.

Penomet is an extremely safe device. It is made of materials that pose no threat and the device is also comfortable to use. You wouldn’t feel any pain whatsoever unless you have a severely curved penis or are suffering from Peyronie’s Disease. Penomet Standard can be cleaned with water or the bottle of foam that Penomet Premium comes with. Maintaining the device is not a big deal.

Penomet Standard comes with a unit scale and metric measurement as well. There is a unit scale reading up to 8.5 inches and the metric unit reads up to 20.5 centimeters. The 7.5 inches girth, 2.46 inches wide and the length of up to 10.62 inches when the device is uncompressed offer plenty of room for penile enlargement.

Penomet Standard doesn’t come with any options in gaiters but as you choose the Penomet Extra or Premium, you will get more choices. It is recommended to get started with Penomet Standard and as you get accustomed with it and need more force levels, you can switch to the more evolved and advanced devices.

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